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Music Zone Team

Where the Music Begins


Sherif Mohsen

Studio Manager

Sherif is a music producer, musician, and recording engineer with a natural ear for music, with 20 years of experience.
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Egypt
He holds a diploma in music education and vocals. from Egypt
He holds a diploma in sound engineering from SAE.
He holds a special certificate in music production and sound engineering from Berklee College of music.

Experience in music production and sound engineering, and participated in many works with many of the most famous artists in the Arab world, including vocals, soundtracks, and advertisements in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

"Being a music producer is the best profession. Imagine creating something that is so wonderful and lifts people’s spirits up. Music producers lead happy lives and do fun stuff. Music producers are like invisible hands that create something of great value. They’re like walking miracles, behind the scenes making sure everything is in its right place." 


Sreten Jovic

Head of Music
Music School Department
Guitar, Violin, Band, Music Theory

Sreten comes from a family of musicians and has been playing music since the age of five.
He holds Bachelor's and Masters's degrees from the Faculty of Music, University of Arts, Belgrade.

During his studies, he won many special awards, attended master classes and workshops in Germany, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, and started a chamber orchestra with the best students from the Faculty of Music, Belgrade.


Sreten is a passionate ambassador of art and education, as founder and artistic director, he influenced Chamber Orchestra Kameratra to perform the most challenging chamber music pieces in 5 concert seasons and more than 80 concerts over a period of 9 years.

In 2016 he started Festival Klasicara - Chamber Music Festival which hosted 250 performers over a period of 3 years and supported contemporary music artists.

Lives in Ras al Khaimah since 2020 when he joined Music Zone.
Sreten is the creator of the Music Zone curriculum for string instruments (violin, viola, and guitar)


Mairena Garcia

Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory Teacher

Born in Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. Mairena started her musical education at age of 4 when she fell in love with the sound of the piano. After 13 years of training, she graduated with a Diploma of Professor of Theoretical and Musical subjects from The National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba where she also had her first experience in pedagogy.

Mairena has 15 years of experience as a piano and music theory teacher with a great record of students examined in all levels of ABRSM and Trinity exams. Her students found their own unique way of communication in the music and became independent learners and professional artists.

Passion for keeping students interested in improving their skills, and contributing to and enlarging their love for the instrument and music is what defines her teaching style. 


“I strongly believe the maximum satisfaction of being a piano specialist is the chance of seeing students grow and add music into their routine. My goal is to turn piano classes into lessons of life, where students will not only have fun but learn about perseverance, patience, self-correction, and self-improvement.“


Miljana Stojkovic

Piano, Violin, Musical Beginnings, Choir, Music Theory Teacher

Miljana started her music education with violin lessons at age of 8. 

After completing elementary music school, she continued upgrading her skills by taking two majors in the High music school in Serbia. Learning violin and music theory was complemented by learning how to play the piano. 

With the experience of playing two instruments, the next step was learning how to spread and share her love for music. 

She graduated from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia with a master’s degree in music pedagogy – Theory of Art. 

With membership in the Youth Orchestra of Serbia, she won prestigious orchestra competitions in Firenze - Italy, Prague - Czech Republic. 

Passionate about choir singing, she was a member of different choirs throughout Serbia. 

Miljana started her teaching in a private music school in Serbia by bringing the music closer to our youngest. She was also working in a High music school as a choir conductor. 

Miljana developed a new program for students between 5-7 years which became the most popular program for students of this age at Music Zone.


Yulia Hnyp

Vocal, Piano, Music Theory Teacher

Yulia is a singer, vocal, and piano teacher from Ukraine. 


She started her musical education journey at the age of 6. 

She fall in love with music and started vocal and piano lessons at a Music school in her hometown.

During her studies, she won numerous national competitions and competed at international competitions in Europe. She has a strong knowledge of classical music history and theory.

Yulia graduated from the National Pedagogical University Kryvyi Rih, as an Arts Specialist and Music Teacher.


Yulia has 6 years of teaching experience. She worked as a vocal and piano teacher in government and private music schools. Her expertise is in teaching vocal and piano studies, music theory studies, and working with vocal ensembles and choirs. 

In the past six years, she taught more than 50 students from different age groups who achieved high scores on their exams as well as in competitions. The vocal ensemble that she worked with won grand-prix prize at the International Competition in Kyiv.  


Since 2023 Yulia joined Music Zone as a vocal and piano teacher.


Omar Abdullah

Oud, Arabic singing Teacher

Omar is a music teacher with 28 years of experience. 
He worked for the Ministry of Education from 1994 until 2020. 
Mr. Omar is a specialist for Oud, Eastern and Western Maqam and western Rhythms. 
Since 2021 he joined Music Zone where he is teaching Oud and Arabic singing.

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