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Musician: Magician or Artisan

Updated: May 28, 2022

Since the beginning of civilization, music was considered to be magical or more precise spiritual, because of its power to change reality, to take a moment in time special.

What is music nowadays and how different it is from its early stages?

The beauty of it can be found in any sort of music, it can make you happy, or sad, recall a memory, or be a peaceful place where you go to be with yourself and your thoughts. In its essence, it is not much different from what music used to be.

If we speak about the scientific approach, philosophical thinking, or its complexity it is changed as well as our world changed and looks much different if you look a hundred or thousand years back. Although the essence of life did not change that much.

What does it take to become a musician?

Curiosity. The constant need for research and discovery. First, let's dive a bit deeper into the world of music and try to change our perspective. The first thing to speak about is: What is the meaning of the word instrument?

When we think about musical instruments usually the first thing that comes to our mind is the most natural one: guitar, violin, piano, drums, etc. That is where the confusion starts. Let us go to the beginning and think one more time.

Instrument means a tool. Precise and special tool for special tasks. A musician in other words is an artisan, although his craft is invisible to the eye.

If you started playing some of the musical instruments you are at the beginning of the journey: becoming a master of your invisible craft.

Now you must be thinking, wait for a second, I wanted to express my emotions, to speak to the world. You will be! If you really want, you can become whatever you imagine. "Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step".

I hope you are enjoying your journey.

Here is some beautiful 300 years old music

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